1. Scotland the Brave (traditional)
2. Ach, synku (P. Novák / traditional)
3. Shipping Up to Boston (D. Murphys / W. Guthrie)
4. Polabská (P. Novák)
5. Roll Over Beethoven (Ch. Berry)
6. Je mi hej (P. Novák)
7. Will Ye No Come Back Again (P. Novák / C. Oliphant)
8. Highland Cathedral (U. Roever / M. Korb)
9. Loch Lomond (traditional)
10. To chce klídek (P. Novák / J. Růžek)
11. Gravel Walk (P. Novák)
12. Lampa (O. Krejbich / P. Novák)
13. Whiskey in the Jar (traditional)
14. Tykev - The Pumpkin's Fancy (traditional / J. Růžek)
15. Vobláčky (P. Novák)
16. Montiho čardáš (V. Monti)
17. Lady in Black (K. Hensley / A. Brichta)
18. Claymore (P. Novák / M. Straka)
19. Auld Lang Syne (traditional)
20. Amazing Grace (traditional) 


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